Within Reach

Encouraging Collaboration

At Within Reach our focus is on collaboration. We see collaboration as the best means at improving the quality of life for humanity and creating change. Collaboration brings people and organizations together with a common goal. This coming together enables the group to pool their resources in an effort to solve a problem and increases the group’s overall influence. Ultimately with many minds working on the same issue better solutions to the problem are created. The two main areas where we reinforce collaboration at Within Reach are: (1) building stronger coalitions of nonprofits, (2) engaging in social media to build a knowledge base and (3) supporting an informal social networking.

Building Stronger Coalitions

Within Reach's goal is to develop the presence and awareness of coalitions and the social service agencies that they support. After registering with Within Reach, organizations are encouraged to identify which coalitions they are currently connected through the “join group” link on their profile. We encourage them to reach out to other coalitions that of interest through the same group search tool. This has three benefits: The nonprofits are exposed to coalitions they were not aware existed, coalitions gain the increased status they deserve while increasing their capacity, and the connection with coalitions gives legitimacy to the organization.

Building a Knowledge Base

At Within Reach we are building a library of resources for those in need to reference directly from their home, phone, or wherever they may be. Having a library of resources housed in a virtual space means that it can be accessed from anywhere and obtaining the resources is as simple and easy as possible.

The library, currently under development, will be composed of articles, videos, and other information posted by professionals such as events and announcements. The goal is to build a comprehensive resource not only for those in need but also those providing the services to those in need. The advantage is that we do not have to keep reinventing solutions. Putting solutions in one place for everyone to see is the key to faster response and recovery next time the issue or problem arises.

For this to succeed those in the social service industry must pool their expertise and collaborate.

Within Reach