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Why Digital Marketing:

Marketing is an essential component for connecting consumers to products. Within Reach believes that in order to have a higher quality of life those in need must have access to those solutions that provide that quality. Currently, there are big changes taking place in the way media is being transmitted to consumers through the use of the internet. One example is news; newspapers are declining as a source of information giving into user defined internet news sources or search engine news sources. This new type of media that is being formed has been called social media. Social media is user driven and in its broadest definition is a blending of social interaction and technology, popularized through Facebook and Twitter, but also includes economic interactions such as Ebay and Amazon.

The Internet has become a central meeting place for service providers and consumers in many fields around the globe and it’s time for those providing social services to be a part of that change.

This drastic changing of the media landscape has had repercussions in the field of marketing. Marketing has a whole variety of new tools at its disposal. The old tools like billboards, yellow-pages, and word-of-mouth are becoming viewed as less efficient. What does this mean for the social services? The social services need to keep up with the changing media landscape for the benefit of the clients. If the clients are using social media and other user driven media to interact socially as well as commercially and the social services are still using old media tools, then there is a rift building between the users wanting to access services and social services wanting to distribute aid.

A primary goal for Within Reach is to use the best practices in marketing innovations to bridge the rift between service users and service providers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is about developing a presence within the Internet. It’s about creating layers of information through webpages, blogs, videos, social media, etc. The layers of information eventually create an image of your organization throughout the Internet that defines your presence. It is your presence that determines how well you market your services to the individuals on the Internet. Digital marketing is a process that increases the exposure of a provider in the digital sphere. Digital marketing steps beyond the realm of Internet marketing (banner ads and email campaigns) and out into the digital sphere with the use of mobile applications, social media, and search engine optimization.


To meet Within Reach’s goal of using the best practices in marketing innovations to bridge the rift between service users and service providers, we are constantly looking for new ways to help nonprofits develop their presence and incorporate those methods into our system.

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