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The backbone of Within Reach is the bridge that connects those in need with the services and information that provide a higher quality of life. The "bridge" refers to the community of activists that are willing to take on particular issues and develop solutions to prevent or mitigate the ongoing problems that reduce humanity's quality of life. Within Reach seeks to bring together people suffering from societal ills, people willing to create new solutions, and people already combating the challenges to bridge the rift that disconnects those suffering from the solutions that provide a higher quality of life.

There are six main ways in which you can become a part of this exciting new community:

  1. Sign up and become a member:
    Join Within Reach as a Non-Profit, Social Entrepreneur, or Pro Bono Professional today and become a part of our movement to provide access for those in need.

  2. Donate, Advertise, or Sponsor
    Your gift will help us connect many people to the services they greatly need and often are not aware exist. It will assist in developing new technologies, making the social service sector easier to navigate, and locating new resources.

  3. Use Within Reach to find services or information, add content, rate existing services, and join forums to help those suffering from the same issues.

  4. Volunteer to become a moderator: Visit our FAQ for more information.

  5. Volunteer to help program or develop new technologies for Within Reach.

  6. Inquire about opportunities for contributing your knowledge and expertise

Use Technology for Empowerment

Social Media makes it easy for anyone to post content to our Community Resource Network, Within Reach Forums, Community Calendar, and others. We encourage our users to create content to help inform others about issues and solutions to those issues. This includes disseminating information through articles, forum threads and youtube videos, distributing best practices, and fostering social networking.

We also provide a place for those who have skills with technology and have an interest in helping their fellow human beings.

After Volunteering Your Time

It is important to know that there are potential tax deductions for volunteering your service with Within Reach. We suggest that all volunteers either talk to a tax professional or read the IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions to become informed about the available tax deductions.

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