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Putting A High Quality of Life Within Reach

We started by asking the question: How does the average person look for any service or product now-a-days? The answer we arrived at was that they usually type it into Google or another search engine. When a person is trying to access social services and they type it into a search engine what happens? Research shows that they only get a small fragment of the services available, if any at all. Within Reach’s mission is to change all that for the benefit of humanity by creating a central place for information about issues, connecting to services, and volunteering to help those services. We make sure that providers are seen and can be found on the Internet, thus making them more available to service users. read more

The Questions:

Within Reach works with users to address all their basic questions and to give them the maximum amount of information:

Who - are the providers out there for me? Who can help me?

What - services do I need? We provide a search that connects you to services in your area. It would also help to looked at the service providers profile to find out other services to whom they have linked.

When - are events for my issue? We have a calendar on which service providers post events happening in your area.

Where - are the services? We provide a map of the locations of service providers registered with us.

Why - is this happening? We provide a space for users to find out more about their issues and connect to a community of support.

How - do I access the services? We provide a host of information such as youtube videos and discussion groups that diagram how to access the sometimes complex services available.


Within Reach is a non-profit corporation organized and operated to provide information about community services to the general public and to create avenues for the access of those services. This is accomplished through support of non-profit organizations conducting charitable activities by providing them with a web-based platform for digital marketing and networking, while at the same time making them more visible for consumers of those services. The goal of Within Reach is to become a one-stop-shop for those in need of services, those wanting to make their services better, and those wanting to exchange ideas and solutions, while making resources easily attainable by social service consumers.

Consumers are offered free access via the Internet and encouraged to participate in comments, forums, and ratings making the search for help an interactive experience. You will have access to both a Community Resource Network in which articles, Youtube videos, and other resources are posted, and the Within Reach Forum in which you may ask and answer questions about your issue.

Within Reach